Home of the B & B Auto/Huron Automotive  Buyers Advantage  program.  All vehicles 5yrs and newer and under 70,000 miles come with 7yr/112,000 mile DRIVETRAIN  warranty  and all vehicles 12 years and newer and under 150,000 miles come with 3 month/3000 mile DRIVETRAIN WARRANTY.  We have the BEST warranty of anybody in our area!! We also do a 100 point inspection, supply a history report with every vehicle, and are one of the most competitive priced dealers around.  You can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AT B & B AUTO SALES AND HURON AUTOMOTIVE.  What is the Buyers advantage?  It is 1 year of Roadside Assistance, 1 yr key/key fob Replacement and the best warranty around!

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Need to do some research on a vehicle, check out these links:
Get all your specs and reviews at nctd.com __9646D154F5772555C32B__

Get your trade in value at nada.com __075B5E684704E59EA5C4__

You might be wondering if you should trade in your old vehicle or buy outright and sell it on your own.  One reason to trade is the sales tax difference, ex if your trade in is worth $5000 and you buy a $10,000 car the difference after trade is $5000 and $150 sales tax.  If you buy outright at $10,000 you pay $300 in sales tax so you save $150 on your tax. Another reason to trade is to avoid the hassle of selling the vehicle yourself.  In South Dakota if you trade in your vehicle you can use your old plates and put them on your new purchase so it saves you money on lisc plates. We will show you book value and true market value for your car and we give top dollar for trades, so save some money and hassle and trade your vehicle in at B & B Auto Sales or Huron Automotive.

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